Disappointing gender differences

This is a non-exhaustive list of gender differences that disappoint me. I’m sure there are other people that are disappointed by these differences.

Men are more romantic than women

That’s feminine of men and masculine of women.

It’s feminine to be lovesick. Being more prone to lovesickness is something feminine about men.

Men are more heartbroken by breakups

Women bounce back faster.

What would be the evolutionary disadvantage if men bounced back faster?

Monogamy is harder on women

Men are more romantic when committed, women are ore romantic when unfaithful. Isn’t this contrary to Bateman’s principle? Bateman’s principle applies only to viviparous animals, not to egg-laying animals.

Men fall in love faster, women fall out of love faster

Again, masculine of women and feminine of men.

Testosterone makes men less intuitive

Prenatal testosterone especially, though the effect is stronger on women.

And results that say that don’t say anything about estrogen.

Women burn fat more effectively than men

Nothing that I can say right now

Prefrontal cortex is more active in women than in men to a greater degree than other parts of the brain

What’s the evolutionary reason? What would be the evolutionary disadvantage of men with better impulse control? There’s no advantage to total self-control.

Women work harder

That’s masculine of women and un-masculine of men.

Women focus on the future, men focus on the past

Not sure what to say.

Women reach their sexual peak at age 30, and men at age 18

Women are more attractive young, and men are more attractive older. It’s men that should be more sexually active at an old age, and women that should be romantic at a young age.

Women age faster facially

Nothing to add.

More thoughts

Why can’t testosterone be localized like GH peptides like as MGF? What would be the evolutionary disadvantage of localized androgen and estrogen?

I once thought that masculine traits are determined by recessive X-linked genes and dominant Y-linked genes, while feminine traits are determined by dominant X-linked genes.

Maybe we can decrease the number of testosterone receptors the prefrontal cortex and increase the number of estrogen receptors in both the prefrontal cortex and the default mode network in men.

Sadly, XX males are not fertile.


Why not use eugenics and/or gene editing to make gender differences exactly as they are traditionally stereotyped? Edit the Y chromosome to strengthen men, and edit the X chromosome not to weaken women but make them exactly as traditionally stereotyped?

Mohs scale of erotic hardness

Can also be separated into relationships and content.

1 – handshakes, fistbumps, and hi fives

2 – holding hands, hugging, and light cheek kissing

3 – repeated kissing, or a short kiss on the mouth.

4 – In relationships: making out; Visuals: partial or impartial nudity, or softcore pornography; Either way: touching privates

5 – full frontal nudity, sexual intercourse, or hardcore pornography.

Up to 3 would be allowed for G or PG. 4 would qualify for no less than PG-13, and may be higher depending on the erotic content that makes it 4. 5 would be R or better yet, NC-17. In TV-guide, 5 would definitely be no less than TV-MA.

If you have any suggestions for numbers between the ones I have, suggest it in the comment.

Might be subject to edits

Recovering from a breakup, a response to metro.co.uk



A new study has found that despite feeling more breakup-related pain, women come out of breakups significantly better than men. Because they’re tough.

I think men are the ones that should be tough. Tough is masculine. The above quote reveals something masculine about women.

But women survive all that pain to recover more fully, and emerge from splits feeling emotionally stronger. Men, meanwhile, NEVER fully recover, don’t gain any emotional life lessons, and just move on. Depressing.

But why? It doesn’t make evolutionary sense. Craig Morris doesn’t explain why men never learn life lessons. Wouldn’t it be an evolutionary advantage if men gained life lessons from breakups so that they would not suffer the same fate in the next relationship, so they would be more likely to pass their genes?

And isn’t there so much variation that at least SOME men recover from a breakup fully? Aren’t there some women that never fully recover?

More thoughts

Is it sociological or biological that women recover from a breakup and men never get over their ex’s and don’t gain any emotional life lessons?

Also, do men with higher testosterone levels experience more or less pain from a breakup? Do they have an easier or harder time recovering? I couldn’t find an answer on the web, no matter how hard I search on Google. Face width to height ratio? What about tall men vs. short men?

Everyone who sees this, I want you to share it with others. I would love my blog posts to go viral so much of the world can see them. But it’s been a few years and still NONE of my blog posts have gone viral.

On juggernaut law, a response to Incels.wiki and Reddit




Very counterintuitive. Shouldn’t very attractive women be more likely to be married because they will attract more men? Shouldn’t unattractive women have a harder time finding men that are attractive to them that they should be less likely to be married?

Is there any evolutionary reason for this?

It’s also disappointing. Ideally, physical attractiveness should be positively correlated with romanticism in both genders but especially women. Very physically attractive women should be hyperromantic, physically unattractive women should be aromantic. Also, physically attractive women should have more children so that there are more offspring that are attractive, and physically unattractive women should have fewer children so that not as many genes for physical unattractiveness are passed on.

I searched on Google but couldn’t find an answer to whether physically unattractive women are more romantic than physically attractive women, but if that’s the case, shouldn’t I have found the answer by now? I found no answer.

Is there any evidence against juggernaut law? Say so in the comment.

https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22329089/ – how come it’s not also true that beauty wants as beauty does? Does beauty not want what beauty does? Does beauty want what beauty does not?

Men, women, and divorce, a response to Psychology Today



Since for whatever reason (maybe to protect against trolls and spam) they don’t allow comments, I will just write a response in my own post.

It seems counterintuitive that men never truly recover from a breakup and women rebound so fast.

The stereotype is “We all know the stereotype: Men, bored by the constraints of monogamy and domesticity, heartlessly dump their girlfriends or leave their wives. While newly single men enjoy the freedoms of bachelordom, their exes sob into a pint of ice cream.” Why does that stereotype even exist?

Is it just sociological/cultural that men take breakups harder, or is it biological?

How does testosterone affect breakups? I can’t find an answer no matter how hard I search on Google.

And why don’t the articles give the evolutionary reason? Shouldn’t evolution lead broke men to rebound into a new relationship? Wouldn’t they be more likely to pass their genes?

Women fall out of love faster? That’s counterintuitive too. That’s something more masculine about women. It seems so feminine to love more. Hate is masculine, love is feminine.

Why is isn’t it true that “women take longer to fall in love, but once they have fallen in love, they don’t fall out of love as easily”?

Asymmetrical emotional support seems counterintuitive too.

I would love this post to go viral so those that read Psychology Today will see this post, and even authors like Elizabeth McClintock will see this post. But it’s been several years and still none of my posts have gone even close to viral.

Desirability of women and men by age and race/ethnicity

Search https://www.bing.com/search?q=asian+women+white+men+black+women+desirability

A lot of results say that Asian women and white men are most desirable and black women are least desirable.

White men may be desirable because of their rugged, stocky build and sharp facial features. Asian women may be more desirable because of slender build and soft, pediform/infantile facial features. Black women may be less desirable because of… maybe dark skin or weightier, lower-pitched voice. For a given gender, black Africans produce more testosterone than either white Europeans or East Asians.

But the studies didn’t mention or take into account Native Americans a.k.a. American Indians. Native American men, if anything, are more desirable than white men. Polynesian women, if anything, are less desirable than black African women.


By no means does that mean that a 50 year old man should marry an 18 year old woman. She’ll be more likely to divorce and/or cheat on him, especially when she hits menopause. Also, miscarriage and birth defects are more likely.

Recovering from a breakup, a response to Craig Morris

https://www.google.com/search?q=craig+morris+breakup and https://www.researchgate.net/publication/280564265_Quantitative_Sex_Differences_in_Response_to_the_Dissolution_of_a_Romantic_Relationship

Seems counterintuitive. Shouldn’t evolution lead men to process what went wrong with a relationship their partner ended? Shouldn’t evolution lead men to learn life lessons from a breakup? Wouldn’t that help men succeed in a relationship with the next partner so he can pass his genes?

Also, there’s got to be some men that recover fully from a breakup. Isn’t there just so much variation between men? After all, not all men are the same and not all women are the same.

What about testosterone levels? Do men with higher testosterone levels recover faster or take longer to recover from a breakup than men with low testosterone levels? I looked everywhere on Google and couldn’t find an answer.

Other questions that I searched hard on Google but couldn’t find an answer to are “Are physically attractive women less romantic than average or unattractive women?” and “Are women or men more likely to come back to their ex?” or “Are women or men more likely to return to a broken relationship?” How do I request research to be done?

Toxic masculinity

Strong and ambitious women have made life so much worse for so many innocent men.

So many innocent men have their masculinity threatened.

Men are more aggressive towards strong and ambitious women than to average women, are they not? How could there not be Google results on such? Aren’t men more likely to use direct physical aggression towards women that threaten their masculinity.

Women in their 30’s, a response to Dr. Jenn Mann

https://www.instyle.com/lifestyle/hump-day-dirty-30s-sexual-prime – why doesn’t InStyle or Jenn Mann allow comments on their posts? Maybe because it would attract spammers and trolls?

91% of women over 40 feel most sexually at ease at age 35-44? Only 9% feel sexually at ease at a different age? I would have thought there was more variation between women.

And what is the evolutionary reason for this? How could women be at their lowest point of sexual desire in their early to mid-20’s, the peak of fertility?

And why doesn’t the article say that a woman’s biological clock is ticking? You know, there’s an electro-industrial song by Unter Null called “The Clock is Ticking,” and I like the Terrorfakt remix here:

If soulmates don’t exist…

https://www.bing.com/search?q=%22no+such+thing+as+a+soulmate%22 – ANXIETY WARNING!

I hope https://walkingintherightsizedshoes.wordpress.com/2015/01/05/why-soulmates-dont-exist/ gets a pingback. Why doesn’t https://thoughtcatalog.com/farah-ayaad/2017/09/hate-to-break-it-to-you-but-theres-no-such-thing-as-soulmates/ allow comments? They probably won’t get either a pingback or a trackback.

Why? It would be better for everyone to have a soulmate. It IS TOO BAD that soulmates don’t exist! In an ideal world, everyone would have a twin flame.

Wouldn’t it be nice if soulmates were real?

We can make soulmates out of the human race using eugenics and genetic engineering! Make it so there’s ”the one” for everybody!

I’d be surprised if anyone was glad soulmates don’t exist.