On juggernaut law, a response to Incels.wiki and Reddit




Very counterintuitive. Shouldn’t very attractive women be more likely to be married because they will attract more men? Shouldn’t unattractive women have a harder time finding men that are attractive to them that they should be less likely to be married?

Is there any evolutionary reason for this?

It’s also disappointing. Ideally, physical attractiveness should be positively correlated with romanticism in both genders but especially women. Very physically attractive women should be hyperromantic, physically unattractive women should be aromantic. Also, physically attractive women should have more children so that there are more offspring that are attractive, and physically unattractive women should have fewer children so that not as many genes for physical unattractiveness are passed on.

I searched on Google but couldn’t find an answer to whether physically unattractive women are more romantic than physically attractive women, but if that’s the case, shouldn’t I have found the answer by now? I found no answer.

Is there any evidence against juggernaut law? Say so in the comment.

https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22329089/ – how come it’s not also true that beauty wants as beauty does? Does beauty not want what beauty does? Does beauty want what beauty does not?

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