Breaking up with a good man is wrong!

The last post was two weeks late, so I will write another one to catch up.

The point is, it’s always wrong to break the heart of an innocent man!

Innocent men have been heartbroken by breakups. I am NOT saying that all broken men are innocent.

If you block someone on Facebook or Quora, I strongly advise you to unblock him after several months to see if he’s changed. If he hasn’t changed, block him for three more years and then unblock him. If he still hasn’t changed, block him for ten more years. If not, then block him forever… maybe.

It’s always wrong to block an innocent person… at least if it makes him sad or angry.

There is good in everyone, even the most ruthless dictators. I believe cyber bullies and trolls can change their heart like the King of Ninevah (as in the book of Jonah in the Bible) and Saul of Tarsus later known as Paul (as in the New Testament). Dramatic, abrupt repentance! Split second! Blink of an eye!

It’s ALWAYS wrong to hurt an innocent person! Only hurt those who have hurt you or others!

But also forgive them, for they know not what they are doing. In a troubled union, women should say “Lord, forgive my husband/boyfriend, for he knows not what he’s doing” rather than break his heart.

Women should always give warnings to their boyfriends and husbands “If this keeps up, I will break up with you” or “If this keeps up, I will petition for divorce.”

Never treat anyone you block as if they never existed.

Quora and Facebook and such should have an option to reset the entire blocklist to empty. And view the whole blocklist. They should also give an option to give an explanation.

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