Why are girls so insensitive to their ex’s broken hearts?

Why are women so insensitive to their ex’s wounded souls?

Why doesn’t Facebook FORCE!!! someone to unblock another user?

Is it really true that a woman doesn’t care if her ex has a broken heart, but she purposely breaks his heart and doesn’t want him to date another man?

Why doesn’t a woman come back to her ex after three months to see if he has changed?

Evolution – a woman, who invests a lot in relationships, doesn’t wait for the unoptimal husband to change, because being unoptimal is in his biology? I don’t believe that.

It may be time to consider their biology. That’s why if a girl is broke from a guy, he should not allow her to have children. Otherwise, the genes that wire her to break up will be passed on. I’m talking eugenics!

An ideal girl would have a DISC personality of Influence, steady and Myers-Briggs type of ISFP, INFP, ESFP, or ENFP.

What if a girl was created for me, as in Pygmalion? Create a girl for me. Perfectly designed. I know the other guys would be jealous. Other girls would be jealous too.

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